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An Independent Law Firm with a Focus on Dispute Resolution

PETILLION conducts court litigation and handles national and international arbitrations administered by ICC, ICDR (AAA), WIPO, CAC, CEPANI.We offer our services in sectors like IP, IT, Media, Entertainment, Internet, Fashion, Publishing, Art, Telecom, Postal, Energy, Construction, Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace.

Current Major Projects : here.

"Peers say our experience in litigation should need no recitation. They know of us.


Some have had the occasion of fighting alongside us. Others have heard tale of our exploits.


Our clients have asked us to join their litigation for one most vital reason alone:  


We respect litigation as only a man who has seen its most monstrous form can.

We lust after it not. But rather regard it with the grim sobriety that you should hope we would."


Flip Petillion

Petillion Brussels law firm


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