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Office     Guido Gezellestraat 126

               B-1654 Huizingen

               Belgium (Europe)

Phone     +32 (0) 484 652 653

Our arbitration and mediation facilities


PETILLION can accommodate its arbitration hearings and mediation sessions.

At our offices, we have available:

- 1 designated hearing room (max. capacity 18 p.)

- 1 designated mediation room (max. capacity 12 p.)

- 1 multi-purpose room that serves as both hearing room and mediation room (max. capacity 32 p.)

- 6 break-out rooms (max. capacity 8 p. each), where parties can debrief or prepare themselves in between sessions, or where witnesses can be sequestrated.

Our offices are located just outside of Brussels and are easily accessible by car or via public transport. Different lodging facilities are available in the vicinity of our offices or in the Brussels city centre.


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