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PETILLION firm on the panel of speakers about online trademark protection and GDPR at the 38th Annua

ECTA edinburgh conference 38 2019 trademarks ip Alexander Heirwegh PETILLION

From 26 to 29 June 2019, the European Communities Trade mark Association (ECTA) held its 38th annual conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Trademark owners, practitioners, examiners, experts and other attendees participated in events and seminars on trademark protection in today's (and tomorrow's) legal landscape. Topics included online evidence and e-discovery, Brexit, unregistered trademarks, digital contents, IP and sports, Geographical Indications, etc.

Alexander Heirwegh represented Flip Petillion who was invited to join the panel on ICANN and WHOIS where he talked about the latest developments and our views regarding GDPR and its effect on online trademark protection and enforcement. Alexander provided a thorough overview of the recent changes to the WHOIS system in light of the stricter data protection regulations, and the effects of these changes on the investigation of trademark infringements and the enforcement of rights. He concluded by giving an outlook on the new access and accreditation system regarding domain name registration data that is currently being developed at ICANN.

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