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Intersentia publishes "The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the EU Member States&

​The book counts 1272 pages and is a collaborative effort of PETILLION and lawyers from top tier firms from all 28 EU Member States.

The book was an initiative of Flip Petillion who edited the book. It includes 28 chapters on IP enforcement in each respective Member State, as well as in the EU in general.

The book provides a timely overview and thorough analysis of intellectual property rights enforcement in the EU Member States.It is a valuable resource for both practitioners – who are active cross-border and internationally – and general counsel – who seek an in-depth analysis of the legal landscape across the EU.​

You can find more information and order the book on Intersentia's website.​

For a preview of the book click here.

On 14 February 2019, Intersentia and PETILLION organise a seminar on the enforcement of intellectual property rights in and beyond the EU Member States. During the seminar the book can be bought at a 50% reduced fee.

For more information on the seminar and to subscribe, please consult the brochure.

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