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PETILLION advocates for balance in a letter to EU authorities on WHOIS and GDPR

Because the introduction of the GDPR threatens to deprive interested parties of essential information in the Internet's WHOIS system, PETILLION has written a letter to the EU authorities to advocate for the correction of over-compliance with the new regulation.

The letter explains the vital importance of the WHOIS domain registration directory service and the harm that the redaction of certain essential data elements, such as the registrant's name and email address, would cause to legitimate public and third-party interests.

PETILLION advocates for balance in the excessive compliance actions taken by ICANN, the registrars and registries and for the EU authorities to cooperate with them to achieve an effective WHOIS model which takes due account of law enforcement, consumer protection and IP enforcement interests.

You can also read our practice guide on the GDPR WHOIS issues here.

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